The Anatomy of Public Corruption

The Witness Club - The Russia

One of the reasons that each of these persons are witnesses is that Batum trencher was a World Poker Tour player who happened to be coincidentally indicted with the Russians in the Trump Tower Scandal connected to the banks that we're moving money between the United States and Russia.

Don't blame puking for everything Russian or Ukrainian, as the Russian mafia is a strong motivating criminal linked to aspects of the Paul manafort case who operated out of Ukraine, the dirt is everywhere, the conspiracy is and, is transnational.

It's been 17 years since 911, a long American journey that the narrative postulated in front of us for decades is a fairy tale.

If you look at it from the economics, the losses in building 7 to the SEC investigations is tantamount to argue that somebody needs to get rid of documents.

One of the key parts of the fall of Enron is a little-known link to Bennett versus Southern Pacific a lawsuit this blogger lost when his is a little-known link to a 1989 murder covered up by the former district attorney of Contra Costa County pled guilty to a perjury charge casting discredit upon the agency, my arguments of conspiracy long-standing and my long-held suspicion that they were able to do something in 1989 that derailed my case.

this is the county of cold cases unsolved for decades we're families have been burned alive 2 cover up something to intimidate somebody elset to grow Contra Costa County into the trillion-dollar entity is today.

Police officers city attorney's residence constituents children if you get in their way they kill you.

for those of you know something it's time to come forward otherwise you probably get entitled along with the rest of them.

The Florida Connection 

My Florida experience in the 70s with unknown CIA connections and also connections to the Medellin cartel who were operating in Southwest Florida using clandestine CIA strips most notably on Chiquita Parkway much of that documented in a Washington Post article with Revelations that CIA was in control of Punta Gorda, Fort Myers, Sanibel, and Cape Coral.

The Murders of Friends

When all this was underfoot our rag tag party powered group of friends would use Chiquita Parkway for our local drag strip.  But at night it was well known that planes laden with drugs from South America used that same parkway at night. 

There is a George Bush connection from a long-forgotten fight in a bar with a bunch of locals that could not stand the Pensacola Flyboys and now knowing the connections between Chiquita Boulevard useppa Island and the bush Dynasty why not consider George Bush's why not .

His mom attended to Rye Country Day School, as did my mom and our grandparents amazingly were friends.

It's comforting to know that the former president might be connected to a murder conspiracy connected to Richard Morgan his buddy, connected to his father that has been consistently name as a co-conspirator in the Kennedy assassination,.

Another one of my grandfather's clients was the Kennedys who retained Patterson Teele and Dennis located at 120 Broadway New York New York, they building on by Larry Silverstein today a you know that guy that said pull it on Building 7.

Pretty soon I'm going to end up in New York with my camera in front of BlackRock, Silverstein's office and a few other places, I think it's time for me to expose the truth to expose the fact s.

My local law enforcement Representatives coming to Flavors flavor one is the corruption flavor to is the investigators looking at the corruption.

The key link is former Commander George Driscoll who is a resident of Contra Costa County, former employee of Contra Costa district attorney Mark Peterson, and brother to Alicia Driscoll and Uncle to Geneva.

Until I came along nobody knew that the driscolls were connected to the 2004 explosion that killed the welders in Walnut Creek which is connected to Richard Morgan which is connected to Commander and Cheif as in former President George Bush

Can you imagine the complexities of this conspiracy, then explosion in Walnut Creek California, explosion San Bruno California and a virus connected to AT&T formerly SBC services the backbone of the American telecommunication systems about to merge with Time Warner and CNN.

Your CNN merges with AT&T bill never run this story because it incriminates AT &T

I'd rather sleep in a bed of rattlesnakes over dinner with these people who I suspect has the blood of Millions on their hands.

Stop demanding oil, use less let the world live longer.

For today's commentary.


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