Dying For AT&T and Long's Drug Mergers

The Constituent Murders

Hello, Walnut Creek! A series of tragic tales befalling residents of Walnut Creek
An expose of their employers leading to the logic behind their fates but when you track my story to Blackrock investments over to their schedule of investments at PG&E, Boeing, Safeway, Longs, CVS, CNN and AT&T reveals a dark ominous cloud.

Dead Employees of Accenture from Walnut Creek

James Powell

Event Date: 2007 Former Longs Project Manager felled in 2007 by stroke while working on Longs Point of Sale Project, son drowns in canal with friend

Pete Bennett

Former AT&T Programmer for SBC Services felled a long list of assailants, beaten, poisoned and run of the road plus arson victim.

Pete Bennett -
The Contra Costa Law Enforcement Scandal - Broken Down from the inside out

The Kidnappers and Killers of Contra Costa County

Hello, Walnut Creek! A series of tragic tales befalling residents of Walnut Creek
Dead Employees

Under the Danville Stake

Candance Anderson
Supervisor Candance aka Clueless Fashion Queen doesn't seem to have any bruises, bumps or scars.
Phillip and Candance Anderson are ferverant Mormon followers that will lead you off a cliff after the Contra Costa Bar Association Presidents will drain your bank accounts via endless back end court room plays.

William Bennett
Event Date: 2009 Son of former AT&T Programmer, starved by AT&T, Seeno Construction, Contra Costa DA Mark Peterson, attacked relentlessly by Contra Costa Narcotics Taskforce, cheated out of College by forgery, murders and witness


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