FBI Agent Frank Doyle, Jr. near too many bombings


Pete Bennett beaten and bleeding
Plaza Escuela / Olympia Plaza 

Better days before the beatings but after/during the medical

Atlanta Olympic Games
Super Bowl XIX,
Pope John Paul II
Los Angeles
New York World Trade Center
President Gerald Ford
San Francisco FBI field offices
Denver FBI field offices
Frank Doyle, Jr.
FBI Academy
Diplomatic Security (DS)
Dept of State (DOS)
Israel Defense Force
FBI Evidence Response Team
Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program (ATA)
Terrorist Crime Scene Investigation
Oklahoma City Federal Building
Patricia Hears
Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski
Super Bowl XIX
Atlanta Olympic Games
Los Angeles Olympic Games

A 33-year veteran of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Frank served in the Denver and San Francisco FBI field offices. As a Special Agent, he was involved in or directed major investigations including, the Patricia Hearst kidnapping, the attempted assassination of, then, President Gerald Ford, the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, terrorist bombings at the New York World Trade Center, and the Oklahoma City Federal Building. He has directed FBI security aspects for special events including, the Los Angeles and Atlanta Olympic Games, Super Bowl XIX, and the visit of Pope John Paul II.

As a co-founder of the national FBI Evidence Response Team program, Frank has served San Francisco's ERT Coordinator, HazMat Team Leader, Special Agent Bomb Technician and FBI pilot. As a certified police instructor, he has trained a multitude of law enforcement officers, domestically and internationally, in counter terrorism, WMD, crime scene forensics, rendering safe, and post blast investigation techniques.

As an adjunct professor for the University of Virginia at the FBI Academy, Frank continued his role as a Team Leader instructor for the Dept of State (DOS), Diplomatic Security (DS) funded, Terrorist Crime Scene Investigation courses and instructor for the Major Case Investigation courses presented overseas to law enforcement. He is currently serving as an instructor and equipment provider for the DOS/DS Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program (ATA), Post Blast Investigation courses and investigating Terrorist Incidents course presented here in the U.S. and overseas. Frank has conducted training in over 25 foreign countries since his retirement from the FBI.
In January, 2007, Frank traveled to Israel to conduct research through the Institute of Terrorism Research and Response. For several weeks, he made contact with top level members of the Israel Police, Hebrew University and military prosecutors of the Israel Defense Force studying their counter terrorism methods. Specific areas include post blast investigation techniques, suicide and bus bombings, and mass casualty responses for Hadassa and Brazilai Medical Centers, Magen David Adom medical transport, ZAKA, National Center of Forensic Medicine and Israel Police K-9 training center. Meetings were also held with laboratory and bomb technician personnel to study incidents and their procedures. The Gaza crossing, Kassam and Katusha rocket attack sites were visited. This liaison and contact with these resources continues. Do you watch the Discovery Channel on TV? Well, Frank serves as the explosives consultant to the “MythBusters”™ TV show. He has been involved in producing 56 episodes which air frequently for the past seven years.

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