State Farm Automobile Insurance

Connecting 2004 F-250 Arson to PG&E Fires and Deaths 

The Mormons community concentrated in the Bay Araa and East Bay once had lock step control on Law Enforcement, District Attorney and Unions.  

In the Matter of Bennett v. Southern Pacific the case was winnable.  The case was lost because the witness was murdered adn the plaintiff's business was destroyed sending millions down the drain.

State Farm Complaints
Begining in 2017, Pete Bennett began sending emails to State Farm Media.  By March 24th, 2019 he was yet again connected to yet again another shooting.

Over the summer 2018 three of the witnesses connected to several real estate transactions from 2004 were killed, one was also a business associate of Gavin Newsom.  One of Pete Bennett biggest issues is the stonewalling by the Contra Costa Bar Assocation and it's former Presidents Attorney James Greenan and State Farm Automobile Insurance Attorney Philip Andersen

When approaching the Contra Costa Bar Association via Food from the Bar while asking representation/counsel when your name is Pete Bennett you simply get beaten leaving doubting you will survive to the next sunrise.

Rylan Fuchs
Danville Resident Murdered (RIP)

Lisa Dickenson
Missing 1976
Sister of former employee from 1982

Former Employee helped
build casework for Ringheims 


Code of Conduct

At State Farm®, we take our shared value of integrity very seriously. To communicate our Code of Conduct, our Chairman, President and CEO Michael Tipsord shared the following with all associates:
Our mission at State Farm is to help people manage the risks of everyday life, recover from the unexpected and realize their dreams. We have thousands of opportunities to build confidence with customers and State Farm associates every day.
We have built a trusted brand by living our values and keeping our promises. Our customers expect us to do the right thing. We depend on each other to do the right thing.
By holding ourselves to the highest standards, we can continue to be there for our customers, helping more people in more ways.

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