Connecting Chief or Commander Wenzel to the Murders of inmate David Filkins Bremer, Deputy Carlos Francies and Robert Smith.

Connecting Chief or Commander Wenzel to the Murders of inmate David Filkins Bremer, Deputy Carlos Francies and Robert Smith.

The Dubious Phone Call and Time-Wasting Project

The folks at TPG will have to answer to my Whistleblower Complaints on the truly odd collection of RFPs emanating from companies connected to Richard Blum, William McGlashan, CBRE, Regency Centers, Trammell Crow, TPG Growth, Concord Naval Weapons Station, Base Realignment, Target Data Breach, NCR (Target POS Systems Vendor), Oracle (Target POS Software Vendor), Lawrence Investments, Kinder Morgan,

Anthony Banta Jr., Jason Amen Watts, Bernard (Tiny) Bynum. Cynthia Kempf, Ashley Turton, Adam Milford, Rylan Fuchs, Scott Dyleski, Scott Peterson, Ernie Scheer III, Vadim Trincher, Battalion Chief Riley, Deputy Chief Wiley, Officer Kenyon Youngstrom, Simon Hardware, Eileen Gorgas, Ideal Homes, Bob Martinez Landscaping, Tanjah Poe, Timothy Lee, Timothy Mitchell, Sgt. Paul Starzyk, Former BART officer John Kelly, BART Officer Craig Wilson, Erik Nunn, Natalie Nezara, Lisa Dickinson, Alison Bayliss, Daniel Van Voorhis, Behring, City Attorney Mark Coon, Kevin Flanagan, Darien Sable, Patricia Perry, Councilman Mike Shimansky, Councilman Gary Bell, Tax Collector Bill Pollacek, Dr. Kim Fang, Gary Vinson Collins, Robert Frazier, The Clone Zone, Record Factory (Ann) , Patricia Noel, District Attorney Mark Peterson, Pfc Joseph Beheil, Spc. James Coon, Marie Coon, Loretta Hale, Roma Bhatia, Clare Orton, Scott Bertics, Alicia Driscoll, Jineva Driscoll, Tim Hogan, James Hogan, Gavin Powell, Matthew Miller, Bishop Matthew Michael Lyons, Kristie Ferraro, Mike Sevenau, George Schram, Brian Erb, Adam Williams, Williams, Dean Huber, Huber, Pamela Vitale, Laci Peterson, Samantha Lewis, Tamara Moats, Charles (Chuck) Silverman, Kellie Reed, Johnny (Walnut Blvd.), Robert Frazier, Rhonda (Homeless), John Dullich, Todd Cambra, Kristi Strack, Benjamin Strack, Benson Strack, Emery Strack, Sgt. Scott Lunger, Earl Foster, The Putman Drive Incident, Mayor Moscone, Supervisor Milk, Dan White, The Bernam, Doe 1 Pleasant Hill 1979, Doe 2 Pleasant Hill 1979, Aaron Nettles, Crazy Dave (Martinez), Dori Garder (Crossing Fatality), Greg Anspaugh (Missing,1999, Martinez Missing Person 1999, Floyd Brown Jr. 1990, Eustacio Torres, Catalina Torres, Elizabeth Torres, Workers, Caldecott Tunnel, James Wesley Naylor, Albert Villalobos, Pasi Hamillien, Deputy John Foley (ACSO), Brandon Marshall, Chris Lacey, James B, Elizabeth Hitt. Donald Fontaine, Judy Scroggins, Patrick Butler, Shirley Pond, Randolph Grieg, Peter Branagh, Mona Branagh, Mrs. Tanya Nunn, Mrs. Craig Wilson, Adam Elliot, Sister of Rylan Fuchs, John Sweeney, Venza Heinze, Valle Vista Drive Resident, Melody Lister, Kaitlyn Strand, Josh Peterson, Patricia Perry, Paul Perry, Paul Sween, Chandra.Sween (wife), Don W., Brian Schwallen, Son Blackhawk, Samantha Mooney. Her Boyfriend, Michelle Celebrini, daughter, friend, Noel Ridual, Josephine Ridual, both 28, Lorenzo Silva , Harve Ringheim, Keiko Ringheim (wife), Christopher Spence, Michael Spence, Roland Haydell III (aka Keith Richards), Jamey Sheets, Cynthia Kempf, Matthew Moody, Graham, Runzel, Sakeyev Safar , Dr. Henry Eaton Collins, Randolph Grieg, Andrea Babyak, Officer Lester Garnier, Chief Alex Fagan, US Attorney Thomas C Wales, Scott Shepherd, Lara Shepherd, Floria Hakimi, #1 , #2, Mayor Ed Lee, Emmon Bodfish, Ernest Scherer Jr., Charlene Arbenoth, Walter Little, Julie Strack, Clinton Eull, Leon James Dwullet Jr.. Renato Simone, Edward Simone, Andrea Babyak, Andrea Huseby, Dale Potter, James Gilliland, Kevin Flanagan, Emily Courchesne, Farmers Market Clerk, George Stahl, Kadeem Hodge, Susan Kennedy, Glen Davis, Eiko Sugihara, Margaret Lesher, Anja Simonsen, Tony Nunes, Robert Seymour, Adrian Seymour, Tom Gonzalez Jr. , John T. Nejedly Attorney, Charles Burns, Jared Tucker, Sabrina Boyle, Martin Nelis, Miguel Toruño, Daniel L. Brenner, Michael Ruppert, Seth Rich, Madeline Seeley, Catherine Perata, Jacqueline Greig, Jennata Grieg, Noel Clyde Cobb, Meagan Mundi, Gabrielle Mundi, Mary Mahoney, Dimitra Mantas, Dennis Sandoval, Chris Stevens, Cosette Ellison, Erv Romans, Officer Michael Johnson, Officer David Haynes, Officer Leonard Garcia,



Crow, Lennar, Catellus.

My story is about witness murders, private equity, mergers and acquisitions linked back to the Matter of Bennett v. Southern Pacific lost in 1989. It was a winnable case as long the witnesses testified.





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