City Manager Ken Nordoff

The City of Walnut Creek has far too many suicides, dubious jumpers, and has a history of covering up investigations. 
The City Manager resigned effective Dec. 31, 2016 but my first successful use of the Brown Act occurred on Nov 2nd, 2011. 
Not knowing the specifics of the Brown Act uses and timing relevant to the Agenda Items.  I stood up. 
Later I learned one of my oldest customers Bill Hoot was ranting at the correct time.  We basically said the same thing to the Council. 
We’ve been robbed, our cases are stalled and the Walnut Creek Police were corrupt. 

Pete Bennett was holding a protest at the B of A tech Center in 2003, a year later just about every employee at the Town of Danville witnessed Bennett’s truck explode.  I know I have witnesses and those employed in Danville could end up dead like my other witness. 

The prior day I’d met with City Manager Ken Nordoff and then Chief Joel Bryden.   There was late June conversation with Bryden about the recent Federal Indictments of officers connected to the Contra Costa Narcotics Enforcement Taskforce linked to an attack by Gary Vinson Collins who was a building inspector who nearly beat me to death in my house.  
The Bennett/Bryden/Nordoff meeting was about Bennett v.  Collins (2004) with then Chief Chris Wenzel.

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