Article Links for: PG&E CEO Stan Skinner father of Walnut Creek Police Captain Skinner

Pete Bennett is a former PG&E Programmer whose usurps the  accidents, wildfires and explosions explanation as Captain Skinner subordinates arrested the former PG&E programmer who knows events were murder and terrorism.  

The Reward for the 1988 Murder of Lester Garnier was promoted by Captain Skinner in the City of Walnut Creek Council Chambers 

Some of the PG&E issues span back decades where management lacked "Boots on the Ground" experience.  Some incidents lead directly to those pencil necked management consultants such as Accenture and their failed management projects.

Often in meetings over years of construction and software development I've heard the comments.  The simulations miss the mark all too often as support locations are there for logistics and need to be located near the customers and the incidents.  Each city needs depots, storage lots and acres of space for wire spools, trucks and spare telephone poles.  

4-H in the city: After-school science program opens at West Oakland housing project

March 12, 1996 | 
Also at Monday's celebration was PG&E Chairman and CEO Stan Skinner, UC President Richard Atkinson and Oakland Mayor Elihu Harris. "If I were a guardian angel with a magic wand and I could grant you any wish, ...

PG&E Says It Did Its Best / Chairman says big power failure was unavoidable

December 20, 1995 | 
It would be too expensive for PG&E to hire enough employees to answer every customer call or to dramatically reduce the time required to restore service after a major power failure, Stan Skinner told the ...

Top Exec To Retire At PG&E / Skinner stepping down before big electricity changeover

May 22, 1997 | 
Jonathan Marshall, Chronicle Staff Writer PG&E Corp. said yesterday that chief executive and Chairman Stan Skinner will retire on June 1 -- seven months before its electric utility will have to compete for the ...

PG&E Workers Lambaste Corporate Restructuring

February 10, 1995 | 
Jonathan Marshall, Chronicle Economics Editor Some workers at Pacific Gas and Electric Co. are appealing straight to President and CEO Stan Skinner to prevent what they fear will be crashes on the road to ...

CEO says storms burden utility

March 10, 1995 | 
In a meeting with The Examiner's editorial board, Stan Skinner, chief executive officer of PG&E, said the utility was still working to overcome the service problems made evident by January's series of storms. ...

PG&E Staff Cuts Under Fire / Critics say utility slow to respond to storm damage

January 13, 1995 | 
Workers and union leaders, who have an interest in preventing job reductions, have warned that the cuts jeopardize the systems' safety and reliability, despite the insistence of PG&E President Stan Skinner that ...

Watchdogs Put Leash On Utility Execs' Pay

February 13, 1995 | 
And last year, President (and new CEO) Stan Skinner and Chairman Clarke imposed a pay freeze on management and took a 5 percent cut in their base pay, started this January 1, as part of a general cost- cutting program.

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