This Chief of Police is going down in connection to the names surrounding his Mormon Sniper Network.  

Unfortunately the path to Adam Elliot, FBI Frank Doyle Jr. and his Grandfather Major General Dan Helix is bound via their mutual connection to the the Centennial Games in Atlanta, Los Angles, and Salt Lake City where one of former peers after Irwin Home Equity was killed like so many others rear ended by a Semi_Truck just outside of Las Vegas. 

ADAM ROY ELLIOT former Clayton Valley High School 

The unfortunate deaths of numerous students bears remarkable similarities on Contra Costa County resident.  Pete Bennett and Dan Helix of Concord who is the grandfather of Adam was like Bennett v. Southern Pacific was embroiled in ligation with BNSF connected to a 1986 deal with Southern Pacific Transportation.

Bennett and Helix each have relatives that went to sleep.  Each us knew City Attorney Mark Coon who committed suicide in Walnut Creek CA. 
Adam R. Elliot
Resident of Sacramento
ADAM ROY ELLIOT pitched for the NY Mets minor league, MVP Clayton Valley High School 2001, 2002, MVP CABA High School World Series 2001, Defensive MVP in the USSSA Championships 2010. His last at bat was a grand slam on June 22, 2013. Adam, 29, died in his sleep on June 25, 2013 in Las Vegas. After retiring from pro baseball in 2005, he worked in the construction field. Besides baseball and softball, Adam loved to fish, play golf, the shooting range, loved AJ and Nikita (his dogs), Dice w/Buddies, and basically any game you put in front of him. Adam was the ultimate gamer, w/an "its all good" "I got this" attitude. Adam often spent time coaching and encouraging young players. He had a generous, giving and loving nature. Adam was jovial with an infectious personality. His charming grin and golden heart had adults adopting him as their son and children holding him up as their role model. There is no question that, like some of our heroes who were taken from us too early, Adam has left his mark. Go to www.softballcenter/adam-elliot/ to share with friends and family. Adam is survived by his loving mother Mary Lou Elliot, father David Elliot Orlinsky, brother Michael Orlinsky, half sister Liat Orlinsky, grandparents Dan and Mary Lou Helix and Rina Orlinsky, fiancé Catia Saraiva, godparents Ken and Diane Caillat, Uncles Ethan Orlinsky and Dan Helix, cousins Dustin Mozian, Zachary, Candace and Spencer Helix. Memorial Service will be held on Sunday, July 7, 2013 at 1:30 PM at Hillside Covenant Church, 2060 Magnolia Way, Walnut Creek. Memorials can be made to the Community Youth Center of Concord who was like family to Adam.

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