Update: Code Enforcement Services during the Shelter In Place Order

One of my intersections with the code enforcement was right here in the Memorial Park where it was clear somebody was retaliating against me happy electricians from the city came in and disconnected my plug then via a long list of accusational text messages accuses me of stealing power from the city of Walnut Creek.

One of the troubling parts of my story is the number of police calls directed at me over and over and over for over 10 years, he's trespassing, he's a vagrant, he is illegally camping and his car is parked let's give him $4,000 in tickets and then take his truck then deny claims in 2014 they did that by September relatives to his family was in Utah was killed.

Only five dead three under the age of 14 who's counting.

Someone is counting and has many on the radar.


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