The City Attorneys Office Incident

The Walnut Creek City Attorneys Office 
By Pete Bennett CNET Scandal Date:  
Walnut Creek -- A 57 year old homeless man this attempted to get copies of police reports once again but was met with an armed resistance from officers once again seeking to prevent a resident from seeking documents.  Inside the City Attorney's offices there is a sanctuary of decorum, curiosity and rules but the guys with the cameras that look they're using the steroids they confiscating is whole different landscape.

It was like WTF, why are you here, you want documents? You have a problem?

On October 30th 2011 I was attacked in the Walnut Creek Farmers Market by Union Goon but officer John Rabonowitz told me there was no crime, then Lt. Gorski told me there was no Internal Affairs and Chief Bryden told there was no connection to my car being totaled after our July 6th conversation.  I guess he already knew that Lafayette Chief Uncle Eric Christiansen was actaully uncle Eric to my sons half brother.


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