The Anatomy of Public Corruption

SOS - A Chronological Listing of Events (Partial)


On March 20th my former roommate David Bremer was arrested in Walnut Creek at 12 P.M. but by 6 AM he was dead. While on a highly supervised in a suicide cell he was managed to get the shit beaten out of him and our trusted supervisors have done nothing to protect us from these officers and jailers.

David Bremer 2014
  • Ruptured Spleen.Subdural Hematoma, Severely beaten and Bruised Torso 
  • Occurred between WCPD arrest and custody with CCSO jailers.  
Joseph Behiel 2012 
  • Father local attorney
    Died in the holding area, 
  • 2012 WCPD shot and killed Anthony Banta Jr., 
  • 2012 Brother in-law of my attorney Dax Craven
    killed on WB-24 (Murder by Accident),
    Likely son of ex-wife son adopted away 70s.  The cover story fell apart.
It's Real 
1988 Safeway Manager Murdered
1988 IRS Agent car bombed
1988 Police Officer Murdered
2000 Former Customer Connected Civil Case Murdered
2001 Attorney Don Moats offices torched by arsonist
2002 Friend murdered near Delta
2004 Divorce begins served by Butler Decoy
2004 ABS Sabotage - near fatal rollover
2004 My truck explodes from arson on 680
2004 Beaten by Danville Building Inspector Gary Vinson Collins (Now Deceased)
2004 Filed TRO on Collins
2004 Filed internal affairs on DPD officers over missing police report
2006 Bennett v. Collins, defendant vanishes, DPD protected Collins

2004-Nov: Gas Line Explosion Walnut Creek
2004-Dec: Meet Alicia Driscoll at Danville residence
2004-Dec: Danville Neighbor Char Cordon severely injured in Lilac Drive School Bus accident
11/2004 ~  Kinder Morgan Walnut Creek Gas Pipeline Explosion Killing Five
10/30/2011 Bennett attacked by Steelworker at Farmers Market, WCPD refuse to make arrest
11/01/2011 Critical meeting with Chief Bryden and City Manager Nordoff over then unfolding CNET
11/11/2011 Former Danville Mom and pending Divorce Case, Green Valley Elementary and Cub Scouts, known to Judge Golub, Danville Officer Tanabe commits dubious suicide
11/12/2011: San Ramon Divorcee Roma Bhatia found dead on 680 (suspicious murder)

Dec-2011 Suspect Collins falls down elevator shaft succombs to injuries.
2005 My sons and I were nearly killed in high speed swoop and squat
2005 Alicia Driscoll and Jineva Driscoll killed in Murder Suicide
2005 Ellen Sabudaquaria - KINDER MORGAN FIRE WITNESS dies without testifying
2005 Bennett medical issues escalating -
2005 Bennett near fatal event CCCMRC
2005 Bennett Attorney Sage Sepahi beaten in Basketball game attended by local police officers connected to CNET
2007 Supervisor Glover near fatal event
2007 Former DOE/BART Officer (ret) / Real Estate Agent John Kelly commits suicide
2008 CCC BOS Candidate Eric Nunn perishes in Fatal Crash LVNV
2008 BART Officer Craig Wilson killed with Nunn was friends with Kelly Family
2009 Divorce Attorney Client murdered by spouse LVNV
2008 Catalina Torres killed in MTZ Shooting where MTZ Officer Starzyck killed
2008 Former Bennett co-worker contracts meningitis narrowly survives
► CCC Residents dying in San Diego - Same Month
2009 Eustacio Torres murdered by spouse with gun.
2009 Councilman Shimanasky - Spinal Meningitis
2010 PG&E Gas Pipeline Explosion San Bruno 8 dead / 2 billion in damages
2010 Elizabeth Torres dies in San Bruno Explosion

► Three Torres killed over three years

2012 Former Sheriff and Mayor Sue Rainey Solo Suicide Shotgun
2012 Peter and Mona Branagh
2012 Brett Olsen drowns in Glenn County Chico Creek with near .35 BA - improbable
2012 Charles Silverman friends with Ashley Brennan (Torres family) killed Accident
2012 Nate Greenan - WB-24 (Brother in Law of Bennett Attorney)
2013 Councilman Elect Gary Bell dies from Meningitis

2013 CCC Tax Collector Bill Pollacek dies from Meningitis
2013 Don Perata's daughter in-law drowns
2013 Dino Ghilloti killed same day as Perata
2013 Adam Elliot Grandson of Councilman Dan Helix dies from unexplained causes
2013 Fish and Game PIO Michael Taugher drowns Maui HI
2013 Former Napa County Under-sheriff drowns Maui HI
2014 Kellie Reed Local Bartender killed in improbable 4.00 BA accident
2014 David Bremer dies in Suicide Cell on suicide watch (sure)

Notable Links

City of Walnut Creek Events
2014 City Hall Police Ejection 
Silverman, Butler Decoys, and Rainey Deaths
Tombstone Index - It keeps going and going on and on
PG&E San Bruno Fire

Secretary of State
Election Division
1500 11th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Secretary Bowen,

On August 7th 2014 I completed forms with the Walnut Creek City Clerk Suzie Martinez for City Council.  Everything was done properly.

On Monday I returned to get for nomination signatures and was told I could only submit 30 signatures.  The answer was in-congruent with prior information as I'd planned to collect 100 to be safe.

I believe part of this was a honest mistake that could have been overcome but when attempting to clear up other matters with Planning and Police Department eventually was escorted from the building and told not able to return for the rest of the day.

Members of the City Council, Staff and WCPD have attempted arrest, threats of arrests, false allegations of assault and have been this resident from accessing city records, called police when attempting to speak at public hearings, falsely informed officers that meeting was closed, attempted to arrest Bennett for disturbing meeting that had not started.

The CHP Threat Assessment has been investigating incidents since July 2011 accident that was attempted murder, are well aware of incidents in Walnut Creek, mugging of clients, roommates and long list of deaths since first meeting in 2011.  State Senator Mark DeSaulnier sent TAU to Bennett after Bennett faced off with officers with guns with clear threat of Bennett's safety.

On Monday a WCPD officer admitted to knowing about my 2004 arson case and that it was arson all along.  They've been co-conspirators all along or failed in their duties and WC city council failed to protect this resident

Phone is off email only until resolved
Read the very intense chronology
I believe the 1989 Tamara Moats was my attorney's wife -

I am withdrawing from race for my personal safety from WCPD and Council


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