The Anatomy of Public Corruption

Ryan Fuchs Boy, 15, arrested in slaying of Danville teen

Alamo CA, when my sons were young we'd walk over at Oak Hill park where we'd constantly bump into Karen and her children.  The ids were close in age and just ran amok as mutual visitors.

Karen shared the loss of her child.  This article helped clarify the incident.  We also took our kids to Dr. Andrew Nash.  Her daughter died of a bacterial infection, I almost died from several bacterial infections and the Fuchs marriage was coming undone was mine but I was also in the ER many times with heart attack symptoms but more important we know the same Alamo Mormons who wanted them but they already had mine and they've snatched my sons from me but my coworker Phil Davidson nearly died of Spinal Meningitis and we worked for Chris Ivory of Ivory Consulting in Walnut Creek.

Impossible Odds
The number of deaths near this Ward and School District is surreal, Patricia Noel (Suicide), Paul Tarrant (1975, Grandfather), Nate Greenan (2012, murder case, CHP), Loretta Hale (Suicide, 2012), Gary Vinson Collins (Bennett v. Collins 2004, tragic fall or tactical murder with CNET), George Schramm (2012), Michael Sevenau (2014, Burned Alive), Brian Schwalen, Nate Greenan (Alamo 1st, 2012, in-law to my attorney), Chris Spence (2005, gunshot wound bleeding out, client) and the Scherers killed in 2008, these folks are attorneys who also know Daniel Horowitz who defended parties t 500 La Gonda Way where the Nearon Family dynasty once operated from leads to likely father of murder victim Nate Greenan.  The Fuch's lost a daughter, their pediatrician is on Judge Golub's endorsement list that was posted with several key names - the attorneys that represent the Buchanan Family.

The trailer contained documents that connect my services to Albert D. Seeno (indicted), my lost trust documents that lead the Strack Murders but my lost servers and documents lead to Alicia Driscoll who came to my house in Danville to buy a play structure.   

A 15-year-old boy was arrested early Friday on suspicion of murder in the shooting death of a Danville teenager, a killing that investigators believe was drug-related, police said.

The suspect, an Alameda County boy whose name was not released because of his age, was arrested shortly before 2 a.m. at a relative's home in Oakland. He was being held at Contra Costa County Juvenile Hall in Martinez in the slaying of Rylan Fuchs, 17, said Danville Police Chief Chris Wenzel.
The jailed teenager attended San Ramon Valley High School in Danville, where Fuchs was a senior, from March until September, when he transferred to Monte Vista High School across town, said Terry Koehne, spokesman for the San Ramon Valley Unified School District.

Students at Monte Vista High said he had recently been expelled, although the reason was unclear. Koehne would say only that the suspect "left the district" Oct. 14 and began attending Buena Vista Education Center, located at the Alameda County Juvenile Justice Center in San Leandro.

Alameda County officials say most youths at the school are in custody, but they could not say why the 15-year-old was going there.

Fuchs was found shot in the throat on the front porch of his home on the 1000 block of El Capitan Drive about 9:15 p.m. Tuesday.

Wenzel declined to discuss details about the investigation because prosecutors have not yet reviewed the case. But authorities believe the boy knew Fuchs, and the chief said at a news conference, "The motive in the killing may be drug-related."

Fuchs had a MySpace page in which he said he supported the decriminalization of marijuana and was pictured posing next to what appeared to be the drug. He counted "Weeds," the Showtime program about marijuana cultivation in the suburbs, among his favorite television shows, according to his Facebook profile.
Fuchs' girlfriend of nearly a year, Paulina Wszolek, 16, wore a shirt honoring his memory and wept as she was consoled by her mother, Grace, outside Wenzel's news conference at the Danville Police Department. The junior at California High School in San Ramon got a tattoo in Fuchs' honor and clutched several necklaces, including one that Fuchs found that always made her laugh. It read, "Have a Happy Day."
"I have so many questions," Wszolek said. "I want to know how it happened. ... I want all the details, and I want this guy to tell the police that so that Rylan can have closure, because nobody really knows what happened."

She said she hoped that the jailed suspect "stays there for a very long time" and that he will be "haunted" by the killing.

Asked about a possible drug angle in the slaying, Wszolek said, "I don't know. It very well could have been."
She said many of Fuchs' friends "maybe weren't the best influences on him, and he knew that."

Wszolek said she believes she knows who the suspect is. "I don't think he was too much of a friend," she said, "but Rylan trusted everybody, and that was his problem."

The suspect "drifted from places," Wszolek said. "He never really stayed in one place."
Fuchs apparently texted or called someone on his cell phone shortly before he was killed, his family said. Police confiscated a number of cell phones as part of the investigation, Wszolek said.

Fuchs' mother, stepfather and 9-year-old brother were home when the shooting happened. Friday their front porch was adorned with flowers, balloons, stuffed animals, leftover candles and a basketball signed by Fuchs' friends.

Asked about the possible drug motive, stepfather Ron Harmon, 62, said, "We don't know. Until we get some concrete evidence to support what this is all about, I don't know what happened here.
"I know Rylan may have made some bad choices," Harmon said. "But as far as trying to be a big-time drug dealer, small-time drug dealer, no."

Harmon added, "I don't know if we'll ever know what went on here that evening. I think it was a couple of kids trying to act like grown-ups and got caught up in the wrong things. Life is about choices, and both of them probably made some bad choices."

Fuchs' mother, Karen Fuchs-Williams, 49, said she was gratified by the arrest. Still, she said, "it doesn't ease our pain. Rylan's not here. What punishment can be good enough for the crime?"

Fuchs' father, Bill Fuchs of Alamo, said Friday, "I couldn't have had a better son. We're talking about a stellar child." Bill Fuchs and Fuchs-Williams lost their 15-month-old daughter, Kalyn, to a bacterial infection in June 1998. Three months later, he said, he suffered a massive stroke.

"Rylan took care of me," said Fuchs, 56. "He made the bed, he helped dress me. The only thing he couldn't do was drive."

At San Ramon Valley High on Friday, students made donations for T-shirts in Rylan Fuchs' honor. The money will help to defray his funeral costs.

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