Larry Ellison and Oracle as Covert CIA operatives - exploiting foreign databases

I have a very unusual connection to Larry Ellison and the CIA. Long ago and far away my friends were murdered all too often with such frequency that something was wrong.

I resided in Lee County Florida finished my high school between 1974 and 1978. In 2014 I discovered Larry Ellison's connection to the CIA by 2019 Larry Ellison was throwing me out of Oracle world's discriminated against me as an American then later visited with President Trump.

 having once appeared on PBS with Larry Ellison spokesman Robert Hoffman and not long after my business is under attack, things like fraud fake projects extortionist type moves and deception.

I am sure that the activities around me caught the attention of the CIA who decided that oracle's contract worth 10 billion on the Jedi or the joint database project with the military was canceled over these events.

A very good reason to remove him from his position at the company.

Since he was the original database developer for Oracle on the CIA contract in 1977 based on my own personal story and knowing the timelines innately I'm betting that Larry Ellison is well aware of my friends that were murdered which you probably read about in the records that he was processing for the CIA.

 This would also explain why Oracle Corporation could have violated SEC rules on insider trading.  


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