Pierre Omidyar and the H-1b Visa Murders

Short Note:

Dear Mr. Omidyar,

I am the person who appeared on TV in opposition of the H-1b Visa.  I have endured a litany of attacks since taking a position opposing the Clinton's, Bush and President Obama.

You should really take a second look at the deaths around you and those around your opposing your views.  There is a multi-state investigation underway around the Clinton's.  Your team is under investigation for trying to kill me, your team are the luminaries and elite but on those on my team are dead.

Your accusations of Mr. Trump are somewhat funny but clearly misguided as if you're a real American who's part of the greatest country in the world, then be concerned about the murders of Ambassador Stevens and Officer Kenyon Youngstrom.

I met friends of a US Programmer Chris Lacey re-certifying the H-1b visa.  His employer had no intentions of permanent placement as their goal was simple.  Please read The Fake Interview How H-1b Visa Requires Use Two Americans to certify an unqualified programmer.

The Fake Interview cost the life of an American who served his country.
The fake visa interview tripped us Chris Lacey, he was spending his last dime traveling between Chico (Butte County) to San Jose.  His alleged employer never hired him they just interviewed him, said he was great and then told him later that someone else was selected.

I sued a company over an H-1b visa back in 2001, they won when they torched Offices of Don Moats.  I lost three cases over that fire but three years those fine Visa Advocates decided killing me was better to they tried many times.

The investigation started in 2001, the events creating the visa started farther back with lobbyist Jack Abramoff Scandal 

Sadly the power couples fail to understand what a huge mess their agenda has created that few can see or care about. 



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