The Rape of the Redwoods riding the Southern Pacific Depot Murders

The Rape of the Redwoods 

follow the money into  the Redwoods from the corporate Raiders over at computerland who sold their properties and then later the employees lost their retirement when the public company found out they had been taken advantage of.

 when selling a private company controlling the databases and the records of shipments returns to and fro then later the public company discovers they're missing 25 million that went back to Apple.

We saved Apple at the expense of the piers at computer land that lost their retirements when the fraud was discovered by Yours Truly Pete Bennett.

Milken money and Ellison swim in the same pond his Empire partly stored in Walnut Creek California do the same people that baptize my ex-wife are the same people that blew my truck up in 2004 holyshit do you think they tried to kill me after I may have figured out they murdered my grandfather and the grandfather of my sons on the mother side.

It should be no surprise that I was involved in the matter of Keithley versus Homestore.

 it should be no surprise that I was also involved in the Oracle vs PeopleSoft contracted to Vector capital in San Francisco


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