List of Items Pete Bennett needs

After years of setbacks, 30 years of false arrest tens of thousands of dollars in tickets and fines and washes on vehicles I spun through all the money I once had or could have made or was making.

One picture is me with a Dell monitor with my laptop on the ground that's broken but still works forced to use an external Monitor and external keyboard.

Solving the problem in days past was easy in fact when I call us attorney McGregor Scott during my restraining order hearing against police officers I'm hoping that he has prior information about false police reports out of Walnut Creek, or lack of.

I owned a computer store in Walnut Creek called the Clone Zone, in Spring of 1995 I caught on it a fraud case where I could have caught lost a couple thousand dollars I got the police involved they shut down the fraud case the guy came back with a gun and there's no record of the police report which points of the fraud cases actually the cops in the first place.

If you want to help there are some cheap monitors out there for less than $50 the best size would be around 22 because of the database work I need to do but a good used laptop would be better because it's all contained


Getting back to a real computer will make a difference and could say flies for some of you reading this 40 bucks is nothing.

This is a local mom or parent not necessarily on hard times but definitely dealing with health problems.

My only agenda is to get help for the other homeless people poop and banned from local homeless institutions from the imaginary penal colony of Contra Costa County.

The governor sign a bill passing out Millions to the county and oh my God it disappeared.

She will you know that I have the skills to take a general ledger AP and AR and piece it all back together I've done for Rent-A-Car today in a unique set of scenarios one time I found a 30 million dollar fraud and another time I found hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses to the CEO's that were tax free.

I've seen it many times the minute you get to the core of the datatables holding the transactions you and mediately see the money people at the top stealing I think it's pervasive common as you ever could believe and when you go ask for your paycheck they don't tell you that we just took 500,000 so we could buy a house in another self-serving transaction.

This laptop story is one of 10 that I've gone through and computers oh, my service were taken in 2010 I had to run for my life when I got back to Walnut Creek in 2011 I found out the FBI arrested my former neighbor who's friends with a courtly guitar player who thinks he's top s*** and yes there are you all going down in part of his kidnapping


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