More Murdered Mormon's? Pete Bennett knows his non-mormon sons were kidnapped

I feel so sorry for the human beings slaughtered in this story

There is another told but is really an undertold story of Mormon's murdered.  Below is one of several connecting stories
in 2014, Benjamin Strack is blamed for killing his family of five in Springville Utah. He is a descendant of a large polygamy family, he was also caught up the drugs in Salt Lake City where they used methadone and cocaine to kill their children as they were both considered addicts.
I only met them once back in 1991 his uncle and I were best friends through High School from 1968 forward his father and my brother became friends and they're married to the hack sisters.
What is very complicated is the theft of My Family Trust current estimate with interest over 25 years is over $1000000 consistently stonewalled by the jurisdiction of the city of Walnut Creek where they have let me exist on the street so I can be arrested jailed and beaten.
This is going to drag Mitt Romney into the tank because it's keyed owner is a Mormon that help raise my ex-wife with other Mormons one being district attorney Mark Peterson's brother Michael and they all collect together at the Alamo First Ward for several of my friends from the past are dead.
There is a large underlying insurance fraud case involving multiple people, the use of the asset forfeiture in the jug of seizures where they have stolen hundreds of houses and this flows backwards to the narcotics task force that was arrested and in jail.
This is going to be a tragedy because the way this thing links in with other stuff that's going on there's some obvious very very highly manipulative groups religious institutions and political alliances.
I also stumbled upon something connected to the Roseville railyard that exploded in 1973 where over 100 real cars exploded filled with bombs destined for for Vietnam through the naval weapons station in Concord part of another dispute over its own magnitude.
I have warned more than one of my friends on here on Facebook to be careful but the money that has been sprayed around doesn't just sit with Mormons it ends up with different groups but don't realize they're part of a larger strategy.
Their problem is they lack the higher level of abstract skills needed to put this together. They thought they were Kings but they were actually Pawn and the whole line of Pawns is coming down. The next step is the Bishops and the Rooks moving towards the queen and then what looks like the king of the Mormon universe could be the ultimate manipulators of all time.

The best Mormon repellent you can buy as a cup of coffee in Starbucks

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