The American Killed In Barcelona

The American Killed In Barcelona

When Terrorism strikes your music friends, when Terrorism strikes your country, when you're the unpaid PG&E programmer connected to thousands of stolen PG&E documents that resulted in billions of losses related to devastating wildfire losses then Town of Paradise burns to the ground nearly killing your ex-wife it is then you understand that millions of lives are still at risk.

Once I started reading up on Jared I realize that his father and I used to work together in the spa industry and I'd run into him a few times when he was pitching is clorine machine.

Back in the day when a man's hands were worth something we installed or worked in the Spa industry.

The best way to help is via GoFundMe account is continuing to accept donations.

Pete Bennett arrived in Contra Costa County in 1978 where eventually landed work installing Spas.  Jared's father was also working in the Spa Industry where we eventually connected.  Years later as in nearly 40 Pete connected with Jared via his friends who played to the same open mics in the San Francisco East Bay.

At those same clubs Pete began to notice a disturbing pattern of accidents, fires and untimely deaths as far back in the mid-80s he began to cataloging events.

One way to learn is 

As Seen In Walnut Creek CA 
August 2019 


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