FBI baffled over wave of nighttime fiber-optic cable vandalism

Connecting the AT&T Fiber Vandalism to 9/11 and PG&E San Bruno, Metca
AT&T Fiber Attacks - Walnut Creek HeadEnd Locust Street 

The vexing incidents of attacks involving telecommunications, pipelines, fiber, forest lands, commercial/industrial structures, vehicles, trucks, rail and refineries extremely concerning when adding in over 20,000 pages of stolen PG&E documents connected to Pete Bennett during his 2011 arrest in Walnut Creek CA.

A collection of articles documenting fiber sabotage events, not vandalism but sabotage covering economic, banking, public services and in the bay area has the capability to turn the local economy upside down.

   FBI baffled over wave of nighttime fiber-optic cable vandalism ...

Jun 16, 2015 - FBI baffled over wave of nighttime fiber-optic cable vandalism ... AT&T fiber-optic cables were cut and a sniper's bullets knocked out 17 ...

A year later, sabotage of key fiber optic cables remains a ...

Apr 7, 2010 - An AT&T construction splicer Roger Florendo walks by the trailer used to splice the fiber optic lines that were cut along Monterey Highway near ...

Fiber optic cables in California sabotaged 11 times, AT&T ...

Sep 16, 2015 - FBI agents in California are investigating the cutting of two AT&T fiber optic cables earlier this week – at least the 11th such attack in a year. ... The attack caused internet service to be disconnected, and crews were still working to restore the service on Wednesday.

Cable Sabotage Cripples Internet for Parts of Silicon Valley ...
Apr 9, 2009 - Deliberate sabotage is being blamed for a sizable internet and ... right-of-way in San Jose, climbed down and cut four AT&T fiber optic cables.


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