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CNET Overview by Major Topics

This site came to life just after the FBI arrested police officers in 2011 known to Pete Bennett in some cases decades.  It has evolved into terrorism, explosions, arson, corruption covering PG&E, Kinder Morgan, murders of witnesses, customers, litigants, police officers, bankers, and mass casualty analysis.  

Mr. Bennett first FBI/Secret Service encounter was when President Ford arrived for the Edison Pageant and Light Parade held in Ft. Myers Florida. Bennett then was known to challenge authority.

Bennett today is a far different person unwittingly attached to the downing of the World Trade Center Buildings but also the Mueller Investigation as he was also sued by Russians in 2001.  It should be noted offices of Counsel were torched during pre trial preparations.

This page will update during the last days of July 2019.

Warm Regards, 

Pete Bennett 
Currently homeless in Walnut Creek CA ( 2014 to 2019 )
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Created shortly after FBI arrested police officers in a East Bay Scandal setting up divorcees. 
Soccer Moms Confidential (48 Hours Segment) covering The Dirty DUI that arose from the Contra Costa County Narcotics Taskforce, hence the name "CNET Scandal" emerged via news reports.  

Has evolved into coverage of PG&E, Suicides, Terrorism, Explosions, Murder Suicides, NTSB and Corruption. 
Importance to Operation Varisity Blues 

World Trade Center Bombings
PG&E San Bruno - 



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