The 9/11 payoff connected to Walnut Creek California

There is a largely unnoticed November 2004 explosion that killed 5 welders when the pipeline exploded during excavation for the East Bay municipal utility District Berry tractor severed a fuel line owned by Kinder Morgan which owns the pipeline one song by Southern Pacific.

In the matter of Bennett vs Southern Pacific filed in Contra Costa Superior Court 1987, settled in 1990 with millions and losses to Bennett is another largely overlooked event.

One day sometime in 2013 several investigators showed up asking me if I recognized a certain person.

I said yes I know who he is he's following me food for 5 years now maybe maybe longer.

I said who is he?

they said his name was Michael Peterson and he was the brother of Contra Costa district attorney Mark Peterson and that he attended Alamo first word where you used to go.

I said you found my arsonist huh.

they didn't answer but they moved on to a couple of other fires explaining how they fit together.

The Enron affair and Kinder Morgan leads to the district attorney that was indicted for perjury collective 15 million dollar fire from the explosion.

These guys are the artist of cover-ups, concealment and deception.

More to come later on this keep your eyes out for how this pipeline explosion was a setup so they could make 15 million dollars.

Which by the way the story also involves Russians.


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