When Lowes Comes to Town, Piedmont Lumber Burns Down

When Lowes Comes to Town, Piedmont Lumber Burns Down

Piedmont Lumber, San Bruno Fire, La Virage, FedEx, Limo's, Pipelines, Schools, New Construction, Tunnels and more.

Piedmont Lumber
Home Depot

When your main branch burns to the ground you've finally lost all your ground, you're out of cash, your revenues smashed, the press comes in to your blame you for not having cash.

Lowes Concord

Grand Opening Summer 2009

The opening the Concord Lowes timing rather coincidence to the urban changes in Contra Costa County where businesses are targeted and destroyed

Piedmont Lumber

Since 1934

When Lowes Comes To Town Piedmont Lumber Burns Down

Home Depot Concord

Grand Opening 1999

The opening the Concord Home Depot arrived in the 90s setting the ground work for acquiring new business but as the new economy tanked in the late 2000s there were too many lumber yards in Contra Costa County


About the Author

Resident of Contra Costa Since 1978

Pete Bennett arrived in Contra Costa in June 1978 where he began working for local contractors where he created work by hustling leaves, pushing paint, endless runs to the dump, moving dirt and grime while turning sweat into money.
Along the way he went for his dream of owning a woodworking shop but the shop grew rapidly after leasing a small 1000 SF shop in Concord in less than a year he purhchased an existing shop on Shary Circle.

He used to wear suits now he wears C-Collars
By 1987 his "woodworking shop" expanding to 9000sf with millions in future revenue on the horizon when tragedy struck in a personal injury case in the Matter of Bennett v. Southern Pacific
He lost his suits when his dry cleaner committed suicide around the time he was appearing on CNN
His business eventually collapse in connection to rouge police officers connected to the City of Pittsburg where Bennett was forced out of business by external forces.
One key factor was the pattern of incidents and breakins which included Arson

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