The Anatomy of Public Corruption

Danville Stake #mormonmurders

Key Murders
Scott Peterson
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The Murder Suicides are Murders

Rick Kopf Alamo 1st Ward Alamo CA

Widely quoted via New Yorker magazine

Bennett v. Southern Pacific 1987 Extensive Losses
Fraud of the Court 1990

Bennett looses case at Court House steps when Attorney of Record cannot find witnesses. In 2001, Bennett's attorney hit by arsonist, 2004, Bennett's attorney beaten well enough he moved away. In 2012, they finished him off by killing the in-law of his attorney Dax Craven. In 2015, City Attorney for Concord CA, Mark Coon jumps to his death. Tough day for officers but apparently customers of Plaza Escuala and Olympia Plaza kept on eating oblivious of the nearby fatality.
Arson Summers / Winter Mayhem - 2004

"During the winter of 2004, during an eviction forced to sell off my sons playstructre. The inadvertant connection creates a connection to Alicia Driscoll and her daughter, by June 2005 she was found dead with her daughter"

HashTag Corner
Mark Coon

The Straight Horizontal Truth

2000 - Dr. Fang Murder - Alamo CA Fang v. Bennett (1987), Kopf lives near the Fang Murders

2002 - Laci Peterson / Time to read Scott

Seeking Justice for Scott, Laci and Conner Peterson

From the Peterson Family

This website is a combined effort of our family and our support system. We know that Scott has been unjustly convicted. Our pursuit of justice for Laci, Conner and Scott remains steadfast. We want to keep you informed as to the specifics of the case, the appeal and related topics. We also want you to know how grateful we are for your prayers and support.

Links to inforation on the Scott Peterson Appeal

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2002 ~ Clint Eul was also found floating in Delta

2002 Clint Eul - The Invisible Martinez Murder

The facts around Clint Eul's death are murky,
He was employed Walnut Creek
Raised in Martinez
Deaths in the Delta
Found dear in ditch near Moth Ball Fleet in the Delta.
Just like the 1980's a Foundation Contractor was found in the Delta.
Lived in a county with separate lynchings in 1986
Concord and another in Lafayette CA same agency as my July 20th, 2011 hit and run.
Knows me a local resident whose relatives were murdered in Springville UT in Springville UT.
Sure there is aboslutely no connection to Albert D. Seeno's foundation contractors death to the suicide of Concord CA City Attorney Mark Coon but when you consider that relatives of Super Lawyers James Greenan and Daniel Horowitz were murdered you might begin wonder why the son of Attorney Robert S. Miller drowned and the son of Attorney Art Beheil son died of a suicide in the same holding cell area as David Bremer who was my former roommate.

2005 ~ Patricia Noel Alamo 2nd

2005 ~ Brian Schwalen - Alamo 1st


2005 The Country Club Murders -The Mormon Connectons to Fremont Group

Murdered by son connected to Mormon Danville Stake
Contra Costa Business Persoon
Elected Official
Country Club Murders
Mormon > Danville Stake > San Ramon Members

Top The Untimely Deaths near Los Lomas High School (2004 to 2015)

Dying for being students - LLHS

The facts around Clint Eul's death are murky,
Los Lomas High School Students
Matt Miller - father is attorney
Gavin Powell / Father worked for Longs Drugs - suffered stroke during lunch
Clare Orton
Adam Williams
Jineva Driscoll


2005 Driscoll's - One of many dead witnesses

The facts around Alicia Driscoll' death are murky and steeped with connections to Kinder Morgan
Employed Walnut Creek (Artist/Sign Painter)
Long ties to area
Daughter would have attended local elementary school
Found deceased in Sonoma County
November 2004: Kinder Morgan Explosion
December 2004: Driscoll responds to Bennett posting for sons playstructure.
Dec. 2004: Danville Resident Chad Cordon was allegedly injured in a school bus accident on Lilac Drive Walnut Creek
Dec. 2004: Bennett being sued for eviction / forced to move
Dec 2004: Trailer rigged to flip / occurred on Stone Valley Road.
Documents taken by Alamo 1st members Chris Ivory and Russ Darby
Sept 2015 The Buchanan Family Murdered in El Dorado County (See #deadlitagants)
June 2004: Driscoll's found dead of Murder Suicide
Suicide with her daughter Jineva, around that time near where
Los Lomas High School
Adam Milford was found, near where a body was allegedly found along the same creek.

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