Energy Terrorism - Millions at risk via Stolen PG&E Maps

Energy Terrorism - Millions at risk via Stolen PG&E Maps

Enough documents stolen from Pete Bennett's laptop is likely in the hands of Terrorist
During a July 2011 excursion to Hillside Covenant Church Pete Bennett, his son Chase Bennett was stopped by CHP Officer Peck Lancaster/Lilac Drive just under the the 680 overpass located in Walnut Creek CA.

Unknown to Bennett was a warrant for his arrest had been issued in regards to his unpaid Child Support.  Unknown to Bennett was the connections between Hillside and former Safeway CEO Steve Burd who was a longtime member of Hillside Covenant Church. 

THE STOLEN PG&E Documents 

The below maps entrusted to Bennett as part of the his contract with PG&E were stored in his car when he arrested.  Church member Bob Britz and Keith Lynds came down from the church and Bennett thinking he could trust his new Church friends handed over his son, car and computers as he was heading to jail.

Unfortunately his son witnessed the arrest of his father.  That was last time he saw his son but later discovered that church members began a campaign of disruption, tactical harassment linked to District Attorney Mark Peterson, his brother Michael Peterson and his connections to Officer Stephen Tanabe recently arrested by the FBI.

This map will be the basis for arguing that the thousands of documents stored on Bennett's laptop match nearly every fire, sniper attacks, wildfire in PG&E Territory are the basis that a full blown terrorism campaign directed at PG&E is now connected to the debtor in possession financing connected to the private equity firms now choking up billions for the prize of the century.

One clear observation is PG&E has a target on their back.  When clear message for Bennett his life has been at risk ever since he was connected to the 9/11 computer virus called NIMDA 

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