Charter Collections v. Authentic Technologies

The State of PG&E Gas Delivery System

This is story about a former PG&E Programmer contracted to Ravenel Enterprises from Roswell GA which leads to Ukrainians from Kiev.
This could be a missing segment story for Special Counsel Robert Mueller whose unmasking of Russian collusion in the 2016 Elections where Clinton lost and Trump won.

The amazing audacity of Pete Bennett sending letters to former Secretary of Homeland Security, but even more ridiculous fact is Pete Bennett's is a former PG&E Software Developer who is also an arson victim. His ridiculous stories about children lives being taken such in his relatives were murdered. Mr. Johnson has top-secret clearance just like Senator Einstein and is a board member for PG&E. There is a connection between myself, Senator Feinstein, DHS and the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

SENATOR FEINSTEIN and Homeless Americans
My first contact with Senator Feinstein’s offices began in early 2001. My calls started fact-finding and trial preparation with Charter v. Authentic Technologies which was a small dispute over final payment with a programmer hired with a Atlanta based company not far from the location of PG&E vendor who hired me in 2011.

My car was deliberately totaled in Lafayette CA on July 20,2011 and offices of my attorney torched in late September 2001.

Charter Collections v. Authentic Technologies

As the case moved along it became clear, his credentials were mostly false and pretrial and arbitration was looming. During that window I was working for AT&T then SBC Global on a project for the ACE Group a/k/a Automated Construction Engineering. It was a simple project of gathering information from the SWORD System and transferring information between the CLEC, LEC and CO then over to the CEC CLEC is Competitive Local Exchange Carrier

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