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The Strack Story 

My personal frustration with Police Agencies, Public Officials and Elected Officials who for years ignored my concerns. On my blogs you'll find my story, you'll learn how my attorneys have been targeted via Arson, Muggings or Murders of their in-laws.  Below are links to a Trust Document.  That connects to my family who are related to the Strack Family.  

The Strack case leads to Walnut Creek CA where the CNET Scandal, The Police Corruption Scandal and my 2004 arson case where CHP Internal affairs division refuses to investigate persons impersonating CHP officers. 

Rossmoor Retirement Community - Over 9,000 Fraud Targets 

On my blogs you'll complaints about the Contra Costa Bar Association, the City of Walnut Creek but more important Police Officers are represented by the same attorneys that crafted the trusts.  For well over ten years I've attempted to start a case.  In July 2013, I stood up at Walnut Creek City Council meeting clearly stating case started in the Rossmoor retirement community located in Walnut Creek CA.  That same meeting, Bill Hoot who is a long time business contact lamented near identical complaints about the Walnut Creek Police.  

Officers tried to arrest me for getting copies of my own police reports but have refused to produce police reports.  I need those reports to prove my case which is essentially obstruction of justice, impeding a Federal Investigation. 

The Stalking Network 

This network exists to deflect litigation directed at Public Entities. On June 26th, 2014 I filed police reports about persons attempting to run me over in Walnut Creek, I've spoken publicly at Walnut Creek City Council Meetings, I've made numerous requests 

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