Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - Fremont Group Blood Money

Dear Mr. Gates,

I applaud your philanthropic efforts in regards to Malaria and water.  We have met several times over several decades.  Mostly at Developers Days or various conference at the Claremont Hotel in Oakland and locations in SF.  Your efforts on touting Microsoft solutions such NT 3.5, early versions of Excel on the Mac, OS 2 Warp and then Windows 3.0 etc. I've been with you since DOS.

This purpose of this letter is multi-faceted, one part is to share what's happened to me, my family, friends, customers and clients since our mutual appearances on PBS, CNN, WSJ and Boston Globe.

Since the 80's I've endured endless setbacks courtroom losses, vanishing witnesses and accidents.  A critical link emerged in 2012 to the core of these losses which straight into the heart of your foundation.

Issue #1 ~ Murders, Arson, Accidents and Suicides

Issue #2 ~ A 2002 investment by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

I'll assume that the Foundation intentions were pure and based on sound advice.  That investment leads to my story, leads to the above appearances, and worst of all leads to 9/11, several of my past 

Issue #3 ~Dangerous Explosions 
I operate several blogs and for six months trying to Azure Platform Services working which is something you need be aware of.  The six months of issues were 100% Azure Centric and pathetic but worse is a possible connection to the Paris Bombings.  We have something deadly in common with your investors and your attorneys that connects to

Issue #4 

Issue #5 ~ Comparing Our Housing Situation

The man that appeared with you on PBS debating the H-1b visa in June 2007 lives on a sheet of plywood, a tarp, and sleeping whereas you've got this nice house on a lake.  Other differences as I've been beaten, mugged and hospitalized numerous times, several near fatal bacterial events, several heart attack events and medication that induced psychosis 

I've personally endured a long medical battle that dragged on for years, hospitalizations from bacteria, poison and asthma.  One diagnosis was I was suffering from parasites which turned into infections that again landed me in the hospitical

Since you've likely studied epidemiological statistics given your emphasis on water which is really the gift of life and a bigger gift of quality of life. 


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