Judge: Norman Wielsch Sentenced to 14 Years | CNET SCANDAL

Commander Norman Wielsch 

California Department of Justice Commander Norman Wielsch was sentenced by federal judge on Monday to 14 years in prison for his role in a police corruption case that rocked the East Bay.  Few know Norm's longer history but my personal connection emerged several times over the a thirty year period beginning in 1981 when I discovered via a search when a picture surfaced from the 1980s coupled with a little fact passed on during a casual conversation.

The long ago fact was that Mr. Ernie Wielsch (father) was once a German Concentration Camp guard during WWII but via that old picture realized they rented a shop space next to mine in around 1981.

That's when all the details and history started to fit, the long list of thefts, assaults and accidents that began in the 1980s.  By 1990 I'd racked up ten accidents with only one being my fault but between 2001 and present day (2014) the accidents continued on as recently as July 2014.  At this writing I am waiting for the facts to unfold with the August arrest of Officer Craig Thompson who arrested for beating up a black woman in Richmond CA.  Not a good for Walnut Creek when I filed claims that Walnut Creek Police officers tried to run me over.

Get a lawyer but for some reason attorneys hang up.  Perhaps they don't want to get killed like others near my litigation.  It's as real as it gets with my litigation.

The Cabinet Shop (1980 to 1990)

Nearly every evening this father and son would drink German Beer which then was Heineken then more of the same.  Long before craft beer but the son of the very racist father was around 17 and would drink to father Fadder Land.  If this is the same father/son combo where the dad was a General Contractor that hated blackies, Jews and others.

This building was on Cloverdale Ave Concord CA which is walking distance to where Timothy Lee was hung in 1986 and it was same area where I'd experienced persons I stayed away from.  When tracing Gary Vinson Collins family and death discovered his connection to the KKK plus his proximity to the Lafayette lynching that was about 10 months after the Timothy Lee lynching.  


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