The Terrorism Endured by Pete Bennett

Walnut Creek CA 
May 2016 

My personal experience with terrorism was overlooked by Danville Police and San Ramon Fire Protection District when in 2004, the terrorists rigged my F-250 to explode.   

Over three decades ago my employee was murdered while running from Police. It was pre-crackwave days with drugs coming from Los Angeles to Northern California.  That 1982 incident was post Jonestown, post Mayor Moscone and Harvey Milk shootings, it was pre 9/11 and OKC Bombings.  

What my business endured during a eight reign of terror was extraordinary, unusual and unique.  I lost millions in a courtroom fight with Southern Pacific Railroad when my witnesses vanished. Years after settlement in 1990 I learned that the 21 year old son was murdered.  Like all good Contra Costa County investigations it was his fault.  

That was Localized Terrorism a broad description that encompasses public officials, police officers and a scandal call CNET or Dirty DUI 

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