Dissection of Convictions in Contra Costa County

On June 15, 2017 District Attorney Mark Peterson was convicted of Felony Perjury. This could become the County of the Perfectly Framed and Convicted

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Perfectly Framed

A student becomes a murderer, AsStudent kills his student girlfriend, Molotov Cocktails, Munchausen by Proxy, a student is killed by his mom, a mom kills her daughter, a city clerk is killed by her husband, and a realtor kills his wife that probably knows mortgage broker killed on the freeway who knows the realtor mom who committed suicide on Mt. Diablo and five nurses were burned alive and . . .

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Mormon Murders

In 1989 Bennett v. Southern Pacific was lost on the courthouse steps when witnesses mysteriously vanished. Then one resurfaced roughly 12 or years later. That day I learned Floyd Brown Jr. had been murdered and from day forward a surreal suite of coincidences unfolded.

The Contra Costa District

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Officer Kenyon Youngstrom - Served his country on a battlefield, perished in his country on the H-1b battlefield of visas

Officer Kenyon Youngstrom was a soldier, a servant and a father. The later is the most important as he leaves behind a family, a wife and his peers.

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Alicia Driscoll, Jeniva

The Panalopy of Contra Costa County Murder Suicides

Alicia Driscoll's daughter who was simply adorable but via my personal connection knew she was deeply loved by her mother. We met via in December 2004 when during my eviction and after the deadly November 2004 Kinder Morgan explosion in Walnut Creek CA.

The Driscoll Murders

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