About CNET Contra Costa Narcotics Enforcement Task Force (CNET Scandal)

Tony became a friend via his God Daughter Kaitlyn Strand whose tragic death will always haunt me. she was so nice, asked many times for my guitar twiddles of some unusual melody melded into to her own songs.

I just loved to hear her sing. Music is an evolving experiment full of twists and turns where the unexpected happens. 

Tony came along to hear her play, we chatted about the homeless as he was a fireman, we chatted about the homeless deaths that we both considered unusual. 

Council of Chiefs
A Collection of Chiefs of Police entrusted to manage and oversee activities of Commander Norman Wielsch.  Somehow they've managed to kill plenty of suspects and non-suspects with 100% impunity.

A group of officers operated under the guise the Contra Costa County Law Enforcement Teams.  The sad truth Timothy Mitchell was shot and killed by associates of Wielsch.  They broke down the door and shot Mitchell dead then realized
they had targeted a suspect living hundreds of miles away.

Drug Enforcement Roles

The Contra Costa County Narcotics Enforcement Team
Made up of police officers from local departments, including Walnut Creek, San Ramon, Danville, Pleasant Hill, Martinez and Clayton and the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office. The county Probation Department and the district attorney’s
office have representatives on the council.

The task force targets mid- to high-level drug dealers in central Contra Costa.  Members are trained by the Justice Department, work undercover and are available to agencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Public Lawyers

To many that have seen their near terrorist tactics are known all over Contra Costa County for their often brutal and bruising tactics. In 2009 Timothy Mitchell was shot to death during a warrant search that appears to another botched SWAT investigation. To some they are taking out a drug dealer (perceived) but to others they are taking a mother son who had a problem. If you want answers to why there so are so many shootings you might to see this as the battlefield where tactical teams pursue enemy combatants where tactical wins and losses are deemed acceptable. With the scandals reach into the divorce
court you migh wonder if the tactical operations were used to glean unsuspecting divorcees of their assets with unscrupulous divorce attorneys.

Mixing Attorneys with cops - a brutal cocktail

They can fleece their clients very easily in fee disputes as the so-called independent arbitrator actually a long time peer of the attorneys in the room. They go through the motions during often the result is the same - pay up the attorney that screwed

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