The Anatomy of Public Corruption

June 2014 SEC Whistleblower Complaint on Kinder Morgan and PG&E

The SEC Whistleblower Complaint 

Filing this complaint just after filing numerous public law claims with the City of Walnut Creek.  The timeline precedes the July 26, 2014 Letter to PG&E, San Bruno, City of Walnut Creek plus attempts by Bennett to run for Town Council. 

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I am the person who called about the SEC Employee and her Domestic Partner who have been targeted by persons unknown in a similar manner that I've been targeted. Targeting: The concept by name is obvious where parties are dissuaded from coming forward, testifying, providing statements and/or their statements are deliberately omitted from the public record. In March 2011 I was retained to develop software for a PG&E Sub Contractor to developing software for a slew of emergency projects stemming from the Sept 2010 Gas Pipeline Explosion. ► Gas Pipeline Hydrotesting Project, ► PG&E Construction Group, ► Gas Transmission Group (GTG) ► Reconciliation of Construction Expense covering billions in receipts ► Personal Profile Feb 2011 ◄ Homeless, no computers, systems, laptop, on Food Stamps, no car, criminal warrants, in insurance or license (Unfairly fined 16,000), back child support, fraud victim, attorney had been beaten in Walnut Creek CA to prevent case from going forward, ongoing litigation, defaults, evictions and far too many reasons not to hire me. ► Returning from Modesto Operations - car from rear attempting high speed maneuver known as Swoop and Squat - Bennett was watching and slammed on brakes from 80 to 30 - they missed. That was swoop number four since 2004 PG&E Engagement • Hired around March 2011 but first contact was January 2011. • Not attempting to get hired as my personal situation was pathetic but client kept calling, offering decent rate of $65 per hour, provided car, work and gave near carte blanche access to internal PG&E documents. • Vendor sold Bennett car on time in almost no questions asked scenario, did not know me, was not concern of my personal and crushing liabilities, didn't even validate normal employment requirements, used sub-contractor status to circumvent PG&E security hiring protocols. ► Homeless between Walnut Creek CA and San Francisco ► Criminal Charges and Warrant - Butte County Superior Court Criminal Charges Dismissed • Using highly unusual motion on Modification of Support ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Preceding Significant Event - Gas Transmission High Performance Engineer ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ► Sept 2010 Event - The Gas Transmission High Performance Engineer and unstable San Francisco Lt. forced from the force in June 2010. These two individuals tie back to a local scandal known as the CNET (see link) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Timeline of CNET Contra Costa Narcotics Enforcement Taskforce (CCCnet but CNET) now disbanded ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Reaching Out To Public Officials Letter to Senator Feinstein Dear Senator Feinstein : I Am Forced to Beg for Help and Witness Protection From US Government Letter to California State Attorney General ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Contra Costa Bar Association Dead Attorney Syndrome - the name fits because they are killing persons near not just one case but many cases ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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For nearly ten years I've attempted to resolve an arson fire, several assault cases and other incidents criminal incidents. I have a long business history. When the CNET Arrests occurred my first insight to how my world had been continually disrupted and why I landed on the streets. In response to Action Taken when my I'm able to get a replacement laptop I can provided hundreds of letters in my attempts to solve accidents, arson, fires, murder/suicides and murders. I know judges, attorneys, police officers, victims, widows, CEO's, bankers, SVP to CEO. A few months back I identified persons near me were connected to my 2004 Arson fire, that preceded the deadly Kinder Morgan Fire but ten years later I I discovered a dead witnesses and all these findings were triggered by police officers who arrived via many reasons with either guns, false accusations or in some cases threats. Even with obvious repeated Civil Rights violations they kept coming. When attempting to get Kinder Morgan Documents I was practically met five police officers charging out from the WCPD offices that share a hallway with planning. My attempts to get police reports thwarted at every step - these police reports would provide access to Victims Compensation. My Attempts to resolve questions on the Kinder Morgan fire rebuked by CAL Fire Pipeline Safety Group, their attorneys and then moving back over the PG&E project they in turn refuse to resolve a simple $10,000 payment and have knowingly concealed events connected to the Software Engagement to me nearly being killed. Last week they nearly killed my music partner Don Watts whose car tires blew out in on I-5 OR Mile Post 129 - after reviewing crash concluded he had at least two bullet holes and one fist sized hole. His partner is SEC Investigator Christine Pulman residing on San Suici Court Walnut Creek CA. On the day of his accident he'd left Walnut Creek nearly in unison with another confrontation with Walnut Creek officers who I'm suspecting will match up with the the 2004 Bomb Squad Team. Leaving WC to arrive in Roseburg is close to six or seven hours - the WC City event was around 10AM his accident was 4:30 and they know we've been researching the accident and have likely eavesdropped our phones. Between these two domestic partners they've had seven or more accidents. I have been watching carefully since his car was hit last summer. That's almost one per month. Via Don I learned Christine's car crashed on Treasure Island but he's keenly aware that my accidents have allegations of laser induced blindness. The Lafayette Police Department has refused to investigate. The California Highway Patrol took up one of these accident in Sept 2011. Since then more than 10 persons connected to this story have been killed - some are perfect accidents others were plain old murders. Everything near me is attacked based with clear stonewalling. -------------------------------------------
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As per my long story I started calling Kinder Morgan Public Relations. This began after CAL FIRE refusal to cooperate with public records. That call triggered local events which I've carefully learned to recognize. I make call about something suspect - I'll get a police response or another punch in the face or someone near me dies. It's that bad. I believe the Kinder Morgan and others to be named later know a great deal more about the following incidents. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dead Attorneys -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alicia Driscoll Murder/Suicide (faked in my opinion) learned of Jan 2014 - matched to KM Fire contractor Mountain Cascade Worker in April. Mary Alicia Driscoll Murder Suicide? I don't think so -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ELLEN SABADUQUIA (1950-2005) Witness to the 2004 Walnut Creek Pipeline Explosion -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I cannot provide extensive details without a new laptop- I've had all my servers, assets, computers, cars and cash taken. I am living homeless and even with numerous attempts on my life nothing moves. The suspects in my PGE, KM and other investigations will support a broader suite of allegations that a large insurance fraud operation runs in part from Contra Costa County. The losses are in the billions affecting publicly traded companies asset values. When upon learning connections between a long 30 year history of fires, accidents and worse near me as what has become clear to many in the area - we have too many major catastrophic losses. The attached graphics and presentations are works in progress since the mature versions are trapped on several dead systems. The closer I get who is behind these events the attacks escalate. There appears to be a connection and my information on how these individuals interact is derived from decades of personal setbacks, the CNET arrests, and Seeno Indictments who are connected to a hedge fund that I stated could be support from an underlying fraud with this indictment. Walnut Creek Real Estate Investor Indicted For Fraud FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 28, 2014 OAKLAND – A federal grand jury in Oakland yesterday returned a two-count indictment charging Benny Chetcuti, Jr. with wire fraud, stemming from Chetcuti’s Walnut Creek, Calif., based real estate investment business, announced United States Attorney Melinda Haag and FBI Special Agent in Charge David J. Johnson. According to the Indictment, as early as Oct. 2002 and continuing through June 2010, Chetcuti allegedly defrauded private investors who loaned money to him and his business, Chetcuti & Associates. Chetcuti started Chetcuti & Associates in 1998 for the purpose of purchasing homes, renovating them, and selling them within a short time period. Chetcuti financed his business, in part, by obtaining loans from private investors in exchange for promissory notes that were supposed to be secured by interests in real properties. The Indictment alleges that Chetcuti defrauded investors by misrepresenting how much debt was already secured by the properties, falsely promising to record deeds of trust that would have secured the investors’ interests in the properties, directing others to impersonate lenders or title company officers in telephone calls, and forging letters purportedly written by lenders and title company officers. A summons was issued upon filing of the Indictment. Chetcuti is scheduled to make his initial appearance on April 2, 2014 at 9:30 a.m. before the Honorable Kandis A. Westmore, United States Magistrate Court Judge in Oakland. The maximum statutory penalty for each count of wire fraud in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1343 is 20 years imprisonment and a fine of $250,000, or twice the gross loss or gain resulting from the offenses, plus restitution and forfeiture, if appropriate. However, any sentence following conviction would be imposed by the court only after consideration of the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and the federal statute governing the imposition of a sentence, 18 U.S.C. § 3553. Andrew S. Huang is the Assistant U.S. Attorney who is prosecuting the case with the assistance of Vanessa Quant. The prosecution is the result of an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Please note, an Indictment contains only allegations against a defendant and, as with all defendants, Benny Chetcuti, Jr. must be presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty. (Chetcuti indictment ) There is pattern to how cases are vetted in the District Attorney offices - I've followed Juries, cases and companies for decades. Seeno should have been brought down decades ago. From the 1980s to present I gave the SF FBI information to build a case on what I call the Golden Hand of Contra Costa County. Seene burns down buildings to make money, Chetcuti was running his scam since 1999, Another case is Walter Eng in Lafayette CA (750 Million BK) so between these two cases and dozen others the DA has looked the other way while billions have been lost. You have to wonder why they couldn't have gone after Chetcuti when the first Cease and Desist letter arrived. That's where EBMUD WARD Director Coleman fits - not positive but I think he's the DDA that prosecutes real estate fraud. I can tell no one wants to talk about the KM fire Dead Witnesses but it took me two years of research that kept leading to similar cases by the third year it was clear this county should be renamed Cold Case County operated by investor Swiss Cheese - when you fight you loose over the loop holes not because you're owned money
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More later - it ties to previous post -
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I am the programmer whose collected information who has a target on his back - in 2004 and 05 my connection to the Debate the H-1b visa I was asked to testify in Congress but before I could get there I nearly died in the ER from suspected poisoning,my truck explodes and persons near the visas and outsourcing started getting killed. The US Programmer connected to Job Poaching Anti-Trust was in part started my from opposition on the visas. My concerns over 10 years was information systems would be used to extract and deplete companies. When Matthew Michael Lyon turned up dead last summer that lead to Accenture then to PIMCO who they developed software for then to Paul Clark UBS Bond Trader attends the same Alamo 1st WARD where the billion dollar could linked to the deaths and real estate acquisitions tied to events where homeless that are lviing near their RE Investments under development are being killed, run over and/or permanently maimed costing the State millions. Find Andrea Huseby and Chris Huseby - I believe she's the first dead banker working of IHE - I know the accident patterns well. Her death fits.

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my information is derived from personal knowledge, understanding how parties I've watched over nearly 40 years morph into billionaires while I've suffered setbacks - it's the Ying and Yang. My information is connected to software projects and several project revealed winning attorneys were winning too often. The CNET case provided litigation to be revealed, the dead witnesses formed the framework for finding more cases and online resources allowed what I already knew to weave together that the club has been getting high level cover and litigants like myself - well we just get beaten up and those incidents added up to that PG&E, Kinder Morgan and others are able to use information systems e.g. large scale long term software changes to defeat the SEC detection systems that in many cases are now operated by outsourcing entities. TI know the H-1b visa is a tool to penetrate companies like Kaiser where the former CTO was in my cub scout den in 2004- like me he was experiencing disruption - shortly after IBM was in control of Kaiser IT and my friends all lost their jobs but I've correlated deaths to those being with Kaiser Patients. The perfect storm is knowing a patients weakness - I survived poison, infections and suspect medical including suspected heart attacks which is how they killed mr. Lyon of Accenture. He's probably a Kaiser patient but Tim Hogan Walnut Creek died of near identical causes in 2010. Lyons knew my attorney, who knew Nate Greenan who knew me who knew others connected to Fremont Capital Partners who know Nearon Properties where David Nearon attempted to pass a forged power attorney on the same street where the only other Limo Fire in the country occurred in front of Alice Roberts (96) - they are probably running an LA Grandma's operation - these operators are simply positioned perfectly in the middle of the perfect storm where they can pretty much cover up suicides like Patricia Noel whose husband was a key person at FoxBoro COntrols who would have deep intimate knowledge of SCADA systems at PG&E. So many are leaving for Tahiti

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I've already been revealed when my trailer was lost to Mormons now connected to the Seeno Indictments and when Walnut Creek Police officers and others stole but returned my laptop. Every letter sent to the US Attorney and FBI has been revealed. They want me dead plain and simple.

*I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States that the information contained in this submission is true, correct, and complete to the best of my knowledge, information, and belief. I fully understand that I may be subject to prosecution and ineligible for a whistleblower award if, in my submission of information, my other dealings with the SEC, or my dealings with another authority in connection with a related action, I knowingly and willfully make any false, fictitious, or fraudulent statements or representations, or use any false writing or document knowing that the writing or document contains any false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or entry.


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