Got Arrested by Walnut Creek Police Officer Clemente? You'll never have a home again or a job for that matter

Got Arrested? You'll never have a home again 


Affordable Rental Housing

The City of Walnut Creek creates affordable units by subsidizing projects that are 100% affordable and by requiring developers of market rate projects to include a percentage of affordable units within the project or pay a fee to help fund future affordable projects.
Housing is considered "affordable" when the occupant(s) pays no more than 30% of their total income on rent and utilities. If the occupant(s) owns their own home, then housing is "affordable" when the occupant pays no more than 35% of their total income on their mortgage payment, insurance, taxes, homeowner association fees and utilities. Federal resources are funneled to the state and local levels for use in the development of affordable housing units, or to assist income-eligible households in purchasing, rehabilitating or renting safe and decent housing. 

Interest List for Future Affordable Housing Projects

If you would like to be placed on our Interest List to receive notifications about upcoming affordable housing opportunities, please fill out the Affordable Housing Interest List Survey.
Please note the City does not handle waitlists or applications for existing and new affordable housing and that being on this City Interest List does not place you on any affordable waitlist or application list. You should contact the affordable housing projects directly to be placed on their waitlists or application lists.

Maximum Rent and Income Limits

Click here to see rent and income limits.

Resources for Affordable Rental Housing


There is very high demand for affordable housing in the Bay Area and waitlists for affordable housing may be several years long. Contact the affordable housing projects if you are interested in directly, and ask to be placed on the waitlist. 
Each year, the federal government calculates the median income for communities across the country to use as guidelines for federal housing programs. Area median incomes (AMI) are therefore set according to family size and vary region by region and may be used to determine who is eligible for affordable housing.
Acalanes Court (100% affordable)
1988 Trinity Avenue
(925) 465-5985
17 units:
2 units at 30% AMI; 3 units at 40% AMI; 8 units at 50% AMI; 4 units at 60% AMI
1550 Third Avenue
48 units:
13 units at 30% AMI; 35 units at 45% AMI; 29 units at 50% AMI
 Avalon Walnut Creek
*Contra Costa Center (PH BART)
(866) 399-2610
76 units
Bonanza Oaks
1852 Bonanza Street
2 units:
2 units at 120% AMI
*Coggins Square Apartments (100% affordable)1316 Las Juntas Way
(925) 945-6178
87 units
Iron Horse Manor
1310 Creekside Drive
2 units:
2 units at 80%
Ivy Hill Apartments
1700 Botelho Drive
(925) 256-7674
48 units:
12 units at 50% AMI; 36 units at 60% AMI
*Park Regency
3128 Oak Road
132 units
Riviera Family Apartments
1515 & 1738 Riviera Ave
(925) 478-8239 
58 units:
9 units at 30% AMI; 9 units at 40% AMI; 23 units at 50% AMI; 16 units at 60% AMI
Sierra Garden Apartments (100% affordable) 170 Sierra Drive
(925) 937-6471
24 units:
9 units at 50% AMI
15 units at 60% AMI
The Oaks Apartments (100% affordable)
3073 N. Main Street
(925) 937-5559
36 units:
7 units at 50% AMI; 29 units at 60% AMI
The Windsor Apartments
2383 North Main Street
13 units:
13 units at 80% AMI
 *not in incorporated Walnut Creek city limits
 Casa Montego I (100% affordable)
1485 Montego
(925) 944-9159
79 units:
79 units at 50% AMI
Montego Place (100% affordable)1485 Montego
(510) 647-0700
33 units:
33 units at 50% AMI

Tice Oaks (100% affordable)2150 Tice Valley Boulevard
(925) 943-1670
90 units:
33 units at 30% AMI; 36 units at 50% AMI
Villa Vasconcellos (100% Affordable)
1515 Geary Road
(925) 465-5462
(415) 345-4400
69 units:
9 units at 20% AMI; 17 unts at 30% AMI; 43 units at 50% AMI

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