Senator Feinstien and Richard Blum Allegations and Demands

Richard Blum and Operation Varsity Blues

Connecting Blum Capital Partners to Fremont Group, CBRE and Philip Anschutz the Denver Billionaire. 

PLaintiff Pete Bennett in the matter of Bennett v. Southern Pacific his case went down in flames one day on the courthouse steps.

These details are here for investigators to follow.

  • 1998  Advanced Telecom Group, founded Santa Rosa, CA
  • 2000 ATG Acquires other CLECs and moves into other states
  • 2001 ATG Santa Rosa, CA begins collapsing, forced sale to alleged stronger partners in the interest of consumers old to TPG for the deeply discounted valuation of $500,000
Fact #1 About 200 employees provided friends of Richard Blum a significant discount of about $300,000 for the line sales to customers on a fake all out run for new accounts. ATG acquired assets for significant discount thus striping investors of about 500M while acquiring assets sold for the meager price of $500,000 to Telepacific Group owned by Texas Pacific Group. Fact #2 In 2001, I was employed by ATG where I was practically forced to take the job. What wasn't known was the connections where Richard Blum, took the assets from ATG leaving employees unpaid and that some Alamo 1st Mormons were connected to Richard Blum. Fact #3 My documents were taken in 2004 by Alamo 1st Mormons, the how not important, but what was lost is important. Files: Albert D. Seeno Discovery Homes (Fraud and RICO Charges)
  • $850M fraud case
  • $40M fraud case
SBC Services
  • Contracts for project around 9/11
  • Attorney Client Communications
Payroll / Business Records
  • Names of witnesses murdered
  • Copy of litigation, witness statements
  • Settlement Papers
Contracts connected to ;the murders of several of my customers.


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