#FraudOfTheCourt #DeadWitnesses and #DeadPoliticians #JudgeGolub

#TheGolubConspiracy  - Ruler of Bench felled by friends in the Pen

It took over ten years to discover via Judge Golub's endorsement list to uncover additional connections to the CNET Scandal in Danville CA.  Today we have to worst possible scenario of #FraudOfTheCourt where we many #DeadPoliticians and far too many children murdered near these cases.

The reign of terror elicited via Commander Wielsch and misleading Deputies, a man who felled himself all by himself.  Many have fallen including officers down on Last Watch as when he aligned his world++ with Chris Butler, he ultimately felled himself.

I personally know the #TheGolubConspiracy first hand as Green Valley Elementary parent, Pack 36 member and as traffic commissioner issuers of false fines.

He's Judged us from the early nineties but today he's facing a #FraudOfTheCourt, he's hub of a spoke to hundreds of deputies, attorneys and public officials.  Theruled from the bench but in my case he's the Judge that knows Tanabe, District Attorneys who failed to recognize the #DirtyDUI problem but he is the Judge that took several Divorce Cases into his courtroom, he's the Judge admonished by the Judicial Council Review in the Bruce Mills matter but my connection is ominous, speaks volumes of mayhem leading to murders of children.

The failures when Judge Golub missed an opportunity to stop an arson operation with connections to Gas Line Explosions to the power energy sector where former Enron CEO Jeffery Skilling is now serving time and perhaps he needs #insiderterrorists where they can use the jail pencils to catalog the #DeadWitnesses where I can attest witnesses in my story have been murdered in #ColdCaseCounty like Jineva Driscoll.

This is also Jaycee Dugard Country with a former sheriff once ruled with six batteries earning the nickname of D-Cell.  

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