OBIT: Analysis of Charles Silverman, San Bruno Fire and the Chetcuti Family

Walnut Creek CA: During summer 2013 a break came via a brief conversation with someone who was the Decoy Featured on 48 Hours segment called "Soccer Moms Confidential" and that link connects the Torres Incidents and Butler's wife Rosemarie Chetcuti Butler and her brother Benny Chetcuti Jr. to a Ponzi scheme that should have been nixed more than years ago.

The Timeline Fits 
She knows Butler, Tanabe and Wielsch via Butler Investigations
She appeared on CBS 48 Hours "Soccer Moms Confidential"

She knows Charles (Chuck) Silverman  (Deceased 2012)
She probably knows Nate Greenan (Deceased April 2012)
She probably knows Michael McNulty (Deceased 2012)
She's a Butler Decoy and Butler knows Alamo Residents, Danville Cops, Walnut Creek, Concord, Pleasant Hill, and surrounding towns and cities.  

Tanabe knows Loretta Hale, Judge Golub, John Kelly, Chris Butler, Chief Bryden, and knows Eric Nunn who died with BART officer Craig Wilson and they all know the other BART officers killed.   I believe my incidents are linked to these incidents and that my 2004 Arson Fire was designed to kill me but the arsonist failed. 

  • Lt. Jay Hill WCPD, 
  • B. Johnson from CHP, 
  • Al Smith PI Concord 
  • Randall Wanser Wanna Be Developer lost his properties to Peter Branagh of Branagh Development on Edmund Court in 2009
  • Peter's personal secretary of 10 years was a singer at Dallimonti's bar were the owner threw punches at me in 2010 right around the time that the PG&E fire occurred and he knows this asshole cops in this CNET story that won't stop brewing.    

Kellie Reed (RIP)

Another from Tiki Toms 
Another person known to me, Chuck, and others in the music club scene was snuffed out on February 6th 2014 worked at Tiki Toms as cook.  She did her job well in a tight kitchen.  

This vivacious woman's life ended on Ygnacio Valley Road where for some unknown reason she was racing eastbound down in the westbound lanes of Ygancio Valley Road Walnut Creek.

She hit a tree right on top on top of the same channel where I was nearly killed in September 2013

Officials Identify Woman Killed in Walnut Creek Collision

Corp of Engineers Channel - A gravity well of incidents and deaths near the trail, the channel, near the schools, near the 2004 Kinder Morgan Pipeline Fire where five men were burned alive and Ellen Sabquari who would be considered a critical witness died in Decemeber 2005 ~ there is no obituary but like the others she once lived in neighborhoods above Safeway and Los Lomas High School.

Incident Tracker

Los Lomas Students, Walnut Creek School District

► Gavin Powell (James Powell aka Noodles - Father and Friend) and his
Matt Miller died (Los Lomas Students),where
► Tim Hogan and his father (Los Lomas High School Grad),
►Alicia Driscoll  went into the canal, where on the same Channel as shown here on my other blog.


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