Connecting a long string of Mormon Murders to Contra Costa County

Connecting a long string of Mormon Murders to Contra Costa County leads to former District Attorney Mark Peterson's brother Michael Peterson a member of Alamo 1st

The Peterson Family trust connects the brothers to the Contra Costa County Narcotics Taskforce, a son-in-law of one of the Peterson family members to former police officers arrested by the FBI during 2011.

Connecting a long string of Mormon Murders to Contra Costa County

WHEN: November 4, 2019

WHERE: La Mora,Mexico
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Women, Children and others die so you can snort again and again?

At the this juncture near Pete Bennett is a Mormon Murder story with five dead in Utah, one dead in Barcelona, two dead in Pleasanton, Three dead from Alamo 1st and 2nd, and one dead from Walnut Creek 1st.

Bennett faces endless obstacles with Contra Costa County, City of Walnut Creek, Town of Danville, City of Lafayette and a long list of failures at agencies protecting themselves.

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Mark Peterson

In 2017 Contra Costa District Attorney was convicted of Perjury, disbarred and removed from office. In 2010 Bennett went to Peterson about the Parental Abduction of his sons weeks later he was evicted from his offices.
Mark Peterson

Rick Kopf

Michael Peterson

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Frank Doyle Jr.

This former FBI agent arrived at Mainframe Designs Cabinet and Fixtures a few months after his role in the investigation of the 1988 Lockerbie Bombing but during the Matter of Bennett v. Southern Pacific
See Profile

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Officer Ray Giacommeli

Bennett moved his cabinetshop from Concord to Pittsburg in 1981, he hired Tiny Bynum on a Wendesday but shot dead by Saturday. His brother was also employed was arrested a few days later.
Ray Giacomelli

City of Pittsburg

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