The pre-9/11 Bacterial Warfare Story involving Doc's Pharmacy Murders

The West Coast Anthrax 9/11 Virus

On May 30, 2001 UPS Driver George Stahl came down with a headache by the next day he was dead. Bennett was concerned as Mr. Stahl at various times delivered to his businesses and the Doc's Pharmacy owned by Bob Horwitz was Bennett's pharmacy and his customer all the way back to 1978.

The following timeline is important to events occurring with Boeing during 9/11, Lockerbie, 1993 World Trade Center Bombing, TWA-800 and his Sullenberger.  This timeline will help readers gain a better understanding of bacterial deaths with former Department of Defense Director Donald Rumsfeld. 

Applying a Timeline Chart to the long run of incidents near Mr. Pete Bennett

The Bio Warfare Files

The official explanations from the officials themelves.
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November 2011 - Bennett was running was getting death threats just after the San Bruno Explosion. He was near the Bohemian Club where an event was unfolding when a armore SUV arrives. Suddenly the door opens where former SOS Henry Kissenger stumbles out where Bennett grabs him before he falls to the ground.

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